Skognatt – Ancient Wisdom (Review)

SkognattThis is the debut album from German one man black metal band Skognatt.

This is atmospheric and expressive black metal, full of texture and dark ambience.

The songs have a doom metal influence in them and the artist has an ear for a good melody. There’s a distinctly old-school and melodic streak to this, combined with somewhat of a classical influence too. In some ways it reminds me of aspects of bands such as Godgory and Samael, mixed with a more traditional symphonic/atmospheric black metal delivery.

The music is highly emotive and hypnotically rich. The keyboards take me all the way back to the 90s, while the music is rooted in a time not too distant from this either. You really don’t hear this kind of thing that much any more these days.

This is a very charismatic release that would not have been out of place at all if it was released around 1995. It’s great to hear something like this in 2018 though, and Ancient Wisdom is a very telling title for this work; the artisit is clearly in touch with that special dark something that made colourful, atmospheric, melodic black metal so enticing back in the day.

Definitely a recommended listen. This is black metal with soul.

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