Moonaadem – Moonaadem (Review)

MoonaademMoonaadem is a one man black metal band from Lebanon and this is his debut album.

Here we have 32 minutes of atmospheric black metal with ambient touches. It’s an impressive debut. I can’t help but feel it’s probably destined for undeserved obscurity, sadly, but is definitely worth seeking out due to how good it is.

This is dark and grim music, but with an emphasis on atmosphere and guitar-driven mood. Melody is used well, and subtly, and the blackened rhythm guitars are full of frozen bite and cosmic splendour.

Although there’s a hint of depressive black metal in Moonaadem’s sound, this is only one aspect of what makes up the music. There are also some post-black metal elements here and there, which add extra interest and depth to music that’s already quite engaging. Synths layer the release at appropriate moments, further adding substance.

The songs are well-written and effectively delivered. The music is raw and underground, full of emotive presence and bleak vibes that make for a compelling and immersive listen.

I really enjoyed this. Moonaadem’s music is a weighty and substantial quality listen. Don’t let this one pass you by.

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