Three Eyes of the Void – The Moment of Storm (Review)

Three Eyes of the VoidThree Eyes of the Void are a Ukrainian black metal band and this is their debut EP.

This is melodic black metal that pulses with energy and dark life. This EP is a relatively lengthy one as far as these things go, offering 28 minutes of material to the listener to get engrossed in.

The music takes an atmospheric approach to melodic aggression, striking out hard and fast with its sharp riffs and cold blast beats. Slower and mid-paced material is included too, allowing the band to show off different parts of their toolbox. The songs are well-written and professionally delivered, and this collection of tracks is a very strong one.

Everything here is very impressive. There are some highly emotive melodies and riffs, and it’s clear that both the rhythm guitars and the leads, and how they interact with each other, have been given some considerable thought.

All of the instruments are well-played and performed, and I like the use of the bass guitar, especially when it’s let loose to wander freely over the slower, more mood-driven sections.

The singer’s traditional blackened screams work alongside the music as they should. Strongly performed and with suitable icy venom, his voice sounds just as you would want it to. Clean vocals also appear too on one track, and deep growls on another; both are as strikingly good as everything else here.

The EP is well-produced and boasts a strong, frozen production that allows the music to breathe freely. Each song has its own place and reason for being here, and the sterling production allows the individual personality of each track to shine brightly.

For a debut release this really is an advanced one. The band obviously know how to formulate and craft music of this type, and it’s so very well-presented that you could easily imagine this coming from one of the larger metal labels. Who knows, maybe their next release will, as Three Eyes of the Void certainly have the talent.

Very highly recommended indeed.


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