Wrath Sins – The Awakening (Review)

Wrath SinsThis is the second album from Wrath Sins, a progressive thrash metal band from Portugal.

Wrath Sins play modern thrash metal with a progressive streak to it. It’s well-constructed and well-realised, with good songs and plenty of memorable moments.

The music ranges from instant-appeal thrashiness to more nuanced and introspective deliveries. This frequently takes place all within the same song, showing that Wrath Sins are skilled at combining the more overt metallic aspects of their music with the more progressive, gradual, expressive ones.

There area lot of catchy moments and outright hooks on this album, but it’s the depth of the music that will really bring the listeners back for more. Not content with writing songs that kick a bit of arse, it’s the emotive substance and textured delivery baked into the music that’s the real draw here.

The singer’s shouting voice is well-performed, but it’s his semi-clean delivery that I really like. These inject an additional emotive aspect to his voice, and because they’re not overused, really stand out when they appear. Cleaner singing is used too, and done well, but it’s the bits that are halfway between his two vocal end points that really hot the spot. Whatever he’s doing though, he gets a firm thumbs up from me.

This is a really strong album. It’s clear that a lot of love and energy has gone into the formulation and composition of these songs, and the end result is as enjoyable as it is respectable.

Wrath Sins have really impressed with The Awakening. If it was released in 2018 I’d be adding it to my list of albums to remember for later when those all important album of the year lists get released. As it is, it came out at the very end of 2017, so you’ll just have to listen to it over and over again like I have been.

An essential listen for anyone into forward-thinking, well-delivered progressive thrash metal. Get this.

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