Siberian Hell Sounds – Svengali (Review)

Siberian Hell SoundsSiberian Hell Sounds are from Australia and play black metal/blackened hardcore. This is their latest EP.

This is 18 minutes of blackened intensity and underground rage. Taking the basic imprint of black metal and running it through the grinder, Siberian Hell Sounds have poured hardcore and grindcore influences liberally over themselves so that their black metal is as abusive and contagious as possible.

The good thing about this band is that although they present themselves as peddlers of mindless blackened filth, once you get used to the harshness, you can actually tell there’s a lot more going on here than might be apparent at first.

Amidst the rough and abrasive aggression you can hear some good ideas and interesting riffs. Dynamics, structuring and pacing are all better than that of a lot of similarly-minded bands, and I can detect some more advanced influences by the likes of Converge and Comity in their sound, alongside their more bestial ones.

I really like this. Their intensity is tempered by skill, and the end result is that the band channels black metal, hardcore and grindcore into a ferocious set of songs that manage to provide brutality, apocalyptic atmosphere and angular complexity.

As for the singer; he has a voice that’s a furious blackened roar. Like the music it’s extremely intense. It sounds like the band found him in the bowels of Hell and dragged him up to front their band.

Very impressive. Here’s hoping for a full-length album in the near future.

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