Chronoboros – No Dirt or Silver Will Have Us Sated (Review)

ChronoborosThis is the debut album Greek post-hardcore/sludge band Chronoboros.

2015’s Dialing up the Clutter was an enjoyable, if brief, introduction to Chronoboros’ jagged, angular sound, and now they’re back with their first full length; 34 minutes of harsh noise and deliberate contrariness.

Fusing sludge metal and hardcore, with some elements of noise rock and alternative metal, this is an album of uncomfortable noises, dissonant atmospheres, atypical riffs, and unusual compositions.

The songs are complex and intricate, while still having the common sense to sometimes just let loose with a heavy riff and rock the Hell out. This combination of, (sort of), accessibility and complexity is well-delivered, with the tracks on this album offering a decent amount of twisted variety as the playing time unfolds.

The music is performed at a schizophrenic pace, with time and mood changes both commonplace occurrences; one moment the band could be exploring a emotive guitar section, before abruptly launching into a jagged, noise rock assault. It’s a method of deliciously unorthodox delivery that recalls bands such as Association Area, Fudge Tunnel, No Anchor, Unsane, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and others at various points.

If you can adapt to the band’s atypical nature then this is an album that’s both enjoyable and satisfying. Check it out.

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