Grafvitnir – Keys to the Mysteries Beyond (Review)

GrafvitnirThis is the fifth album from Swedish black metallers Grafvitnir.

It seems like only yesterday that Grafvitnir were slicing us up with the sharp, cold black metal of Obeisance to a Witch Moon, and in truth it’s been almost a full year to the day between release dates. Clearly Grafvitnir are not interested in resting on their laurels.

Keys to the Mysteries Beyond continues with the band’s aggressive brand of cold, fast, melodically-enhanced black metal. Grafvitnir’s occult black metal is as grimly enjoyable as ever, unrelenting in its icy assault. The songs deliver no mercy as they strip your soul and flay it screaming.

With scathing, shrieking screams that sound like a fracture in reality, the band charge through 42 minutes of razor-sharp music. With a seemingly endless melodic flow and dark blackened atmosphere, these tracks are enjoyably raw and bursting with foul magicks.

If you like a bit of fast and furious second wave black metal with occult leanings and raw, uncompromising presence, then this is for you.

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