Grafvitnir – Obeisance to a Witch Moon (Review)

GrafvitnirThis is the fourth album by Swedish black metal band Grafvitnir.

Influenced by the second wave of black metal, Grafvitnir take the traditional template and for 39 minutes bend this to their will, providing the listener with sophisticated brutality and thoughtful harshness.

Dark melodies abound on this release, with the guitars seemingly imbued with cosmic secrets and underworld knowledge. Bright with malevolent lustre, the lightning guitars seem infused with some form of dark magic as they paint vivid soundscapes in blackened Swedish hues.

Fast and unrelenting, the songs on this album blur by in a maelstrom of dark visions and chaos-influenced mysticism. There’s a vibrant savagery to this music, but its heart is as cold as ice.

The singer’s voice sounds as if it is made up of lethal shards of frozen venom. His vocals have an unusual quality to them that reminds me of a slithering, snake-like predator.

If you start from the sounds of Dark Funeral and Dissection merged together, then you’ll have a decent idea of where Obeisance to a Witch Moon is coming from. I like what the band have done with their influences though, as Grafvitnir have simultaneously managed to stay true to them and also update them with their own personality traits.

A recommended listen.

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