Funeral Art – Cuivië (Review)

Funeral ArtFuneral Art are a black metal band from Guatemala and this is their seventh album.

This is occult, underground black metal, with ambient elements and a passing predilection for funeral doom.

The band use keyboards/synths/piano to add a distinct early 90s atmospheric component to their sound. It’s honestly like I’ve stepped back in time listening to this. Mixed with a healthy amount of second wave venom, equally old-school atmospheric black metal, and funeral doom mood, the songs on Cuivië offer up a listen that may be nostalgic, but is still worthy of place in 2017’s crowded musical landscape.

The vocals consist of a mix of needle-thin screams and grand clean vocals. Both are performed well and with obvious enthusiasm, with the female singer’s clean singing having an epic, operatic quality to it.

This is an atmospheric and engaging album, one that will no doubt appeal to aficionados the early 90s era. Check it out.

Favourite Track: Lilith Ritus. This is where everything seems to come together very nicely indeed.

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