Rig Time! – War (Review)

Rig Time!This is the second album from US hardcore band Rig Time!

Rig Time! are all about the heaviness. Their second album has 25 minutes of it, all punishing beats and grinding groove.

The songs are focused and concise bruisers that rage and slam the listener into the floor with no remorse and no mercy. This is kind of like gritty, heavy hardcore from the late 90s/early 00s, only with a decent sludge influence added in. Think, maybe, a mix of bands like Nora and Torn Apart, mixed with elements of bands like Crowbar and Fudge Tunnel.

The songs are simple affairs, but this is no bad thing; heavy riffs and shouted vocals, arranged in such a way that they have an enduring and enjoyable appeal, not in spite of their simplicity, but because of it. Quite simply, they’re well-written, and I imagine they’d go down a storm in the live environment too.

I find this a very easy album to listen to and enjoy. Almost every song is catchy and memorable; not in a radio-friendly commercial way, but in a get-crushed-by-an-elephant kind of way. I mean, you’d remember that, right?

War is a colossal slab of heavy riffs and shouted vocals. If that sounds good to you, then you must check this out as Rig Time! know how to bring the heavy with style.

Highly recommended.

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