Raventale – Planetarium (Review)

RaventaleThis is the eighth album from Ukrainian one-man black metal band Raventale.

Planetarium contains four songs spread out over 39 minutes. It’s atmospheric black metal that’s dark, affecting, and highly engaging.

The music combines traditional black metal with elements of the more atmospheric varieties, as well as a decent helping of doom in the slower sections. These elements weave in and out of each other, with different aspects of the music’s makeup coming into or out of focus as the needs of the songs dictate.

It’s all very well-judged and well-realised, with strong compositional skill being obvious from the very start. The songs have clearly been constructed by someone that not only knows what they are doing, but who feels passionate about their art as well.

The melodic and atmospheric components of the music frequently merge or separate, depending on what the artist behind the band wishes to accomplish. There are some extremely enjoyable leads on the album too, evoking all manner of different emotions and engaging the listener quite strongly with their presence. Occasionally. however, some raw aggression is what’s called for, and Planetarium doesn’t let the side down here, either.

Completed by some strongly-performed raw, snarling screams, and with a production that’s both powerful and aesthetically right for the underground nature of the album, Planetarim is an all-round winner.

Highly recommended.

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