The Curf – Death and Love (Review)

The CurfThis is the second album from The Curf, a Greek stoner rock band.

This is a mix of stoner, doom, and psychedelic rock that offers the listener 42 minutes of authentic chunky rockers.

Full of fuzzy grooves and dirty riffs, the songs are confident and enjoyable stoner rock behemoths that show the band know what they’re doing with the style. Psychedelic vibes and doomy blues rock all infest the release in various places, with the band combining their influences into songs that are largely well-written and quite catchy.

Different paces and moods ride on by as the playing time unfurls; sometimes the band are in a hurry, speeding up as if excited to unleash the next big riff, whereas at others they seem docile and relaxed, content to let the music do its thing almost without them. My preference is usually for the latter parts, although the former are still not to be ignored.

The band’s singer uses a variety of different vocals across the tracks, from clean singing to gruff shouting to rough hollers. His voice fits in nicely with the music, and he does a good job. There’s also some female vocals on 9-6, which is a nice change of pace too.

Overall this is an enjoyable debut, worth checking out.

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