Bloodstrike – Necrobirth (Review)

BloodstrikeBloodstrike are from the US and this is their début demo. They play Death Metal.

For a demo the production is very good indeed; strong and heavy. They have a very dark sound and the songs sound better than some albums.

The band play aggressive Death Metal with a preference for the Old-School and a nod towards the Swedish style. It’s an addictive sound and the band play it with an expertise that belies their short existence as a new band.

The vocals are cavernous guttural roars that sometimes are straight growls and other times have a snarling quality to them. She is capable of a fair degree of diversity as higher vocals are also used on occasion as well. They all sound very good.

The music is straightforward Death Metal with some good riffs and melodies. Combining blasting and groove, the band have birthed three very enjoyable tracks that show a maturity of songwriting and an intimate understanding of the Death Metal genre and of what makes a good song.

This demo showcases the massive potential of Bloodstrike. Their first album should be very good indeed if this is any indication.


3 thoughts on “Bloodstrike – Necrobirth (Review)

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