Bloodstrike – Execution of Violence (Review)

BloodstrikeThis is the second album from US death metallers Bloodstrike.

I like Bloodstrike a lot. There’s just something extremely satisfying about their no-frills take on old-school death metal. Their music rages and burns with the best of them, but also has an inherent honesty and authenticity that I find greatly appealing. Continue reading

Bloodstrike – In Death We Rot (Review)

BloodstrikeThis is the début album from US Death Metallers Bloodstrike.

Their first EP Necrobirth showcased massive potential and, as I said at the time, indicated that their first full-length would probably be very good indeed.

So, have these claims been vindicated?

In a word; yes.

Bloodstrike play Death Metal that takes the Old-School style, adds a bit of a Swedish flavour and then drags it through a cemetery to get that authentic graveyard feeling. They even cover Soulless by Grave, a Death Metal classic if ever there was one.

The songs are of the aforementioned style, resolutely from the 90s era. The production on In Death We Rot follows suit and the entire album has an Old-School feeling that uses the Swedish style well but doesn’t completely confine itself to it.

Riffs, riffs and more riffs, alongside creepy leads and gloom-filled atmospheres. There are lots of good riffs on here that hit the spot nicely, with both faster sections and slower ones working out well together. The leads contribute to atmosphere-building, especially when combined with a more Doom-ier section, although the band are no slackers when it comes to speed either.

The singer has a beastly voice that sounds completely monstrous. Her vocals were damn good on their earlier release and on In Death We Rot she simply sounds inhuman. Kudos.

This is a really solid album that caters easily to fans of morbid Death Metal. Be sure to check it out.

Bloodstrike – Necrobirth (Review)

BloodstrikeBloodstrike are from the US and this is their début demo. They play Death Metal.

For a demo the production is very good indeed; strong and heavy. They have a very dark sound and the songs sound better than some albums.

The band play aggressive Death Metal with a preference for the Old-School and a nod towards the Swedish style. It’s an addictive sound and the band play it with an expertise that belies their short existence as a new band.

The vocals are cavernous guttural roars that sometimes are straight growls and other times have a snarling quality to them. She is capable of a fair degree of diversity as higher vocals are also used on occasion as well. They all sound very good.

The music is straightforward Death Metal with some good riffs and melodies. Combining blasting and groove, the band have birthed three very enjoyable tracks that show a maturity of songwriting and an intimate understanding of the Death Metal genre and of what makes a good song.

This demo showcases the massive potential of Bloodstrike. Their first album should be very good indeed if this is any indication.