Army of Dagon – Night of the Mystics (Review)

Army of DagonThis is the second album from Army of Dagon, a doom metal band from the US.

This release throws in some heavy metal elements onto the well-built foundation of traditional doom metal, resulting in 44 minutes of quite enjoyable music.

The songs are well-written, focusing on traditional doom with the aforementioned elements of heavy metal here and there. They combine slow-burning riff-worship with droning atmospheric building, making for songs that are largely slow, emotive, and effective in their task of bringing the doom.

I find that this kind of metal works best the slower it gets, so I’m pleased that the majority of the material on Night of the Mystics adheres to the unhurried side of things. The songs aren’t overly long or drawn out though, with most hovering around the 5-6 minute mark; long enough to establish presence and provide creative room, but not long enough for the band to lose focus or bore the listener.

The singer has a very good voice, sitting at a sweet spot in his performance between power and emotion. His emotive delivery enhances the songs and builds on their already inherently emotive nature.

The production is strong and clear, with a nicely heavy sound that shows off the band’s abilities in the best of lights.

Overall this is a very enjoyable and well-received release. Army of Dagon clearly have a talent for this kind of thing, and there’s a fair amount of textured delivery on this album that makes for a comprehensive and engaging listen. Night of the Mystics is one to check out if you have a taste for traditional doom with memorable songs and character.

Highly recommended.

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