Leucosis – Liminal (Review)

LeucosisLeucosis are a US black metal band and this is their third album.

This is atmospheric black metal merged with a rawer USBM approach. This results in music that has a lot of both presence and strength, which is one of the reasons why I find Leucosis’ work so compelling.

Four years since their last full-length release, this latest album clocks in at a mere 30 minutes – more than half the length of their previous album. Still, we mustn’t grumble, as the quality level of the material here is disproportionately high compared to its relatively short duration. With five tracks, three of which are actual songs, Liminal is a release that scours and burns as much as it weaves together grim atmospheres and bleak moods.

The music is a combination of various influences, managing to be raw and intense as well as dark and majestic. Blackened, esoteric melodies sit alongside thundering rhythms that reverberate like malevolent storms gathering and unleashing untold power.

Leucosis seem to somehow embody both traditional and modern black metal, employing the most effective and lethal strains from each disease-ridden host to maximise the damage and suffering they cause. Sickly light and never-ending darkness; resplendent terrible beauty and malignant, harrowing evil; Liminal has it all and everything in between.

My only complaint, as mentioned previously, is the brevity of the release. However, as also mentioned earlier, it’s churlish to get too het up about this, as what material is here is wonderfully crafted and expertly delivered.

Liminal is an extremely enjoyable and satisfying slice of blackened art.

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