Howling Giant – Black Hole Space Wizard: Part 2 (Review)

Howling GiantHowling Giant are a stoner rock band from the US. This is their latest EP.

Fuzz, stoner, hard rock, space rock, psychedelia, tripped out jams…it’s all here. Howling Giant certainly make an impression with their well-crafted music.

This is rock ‘n’ roll that’s gloriously full of life and character. Like a less drunkenly belligerent Orange Goblin, with less-gruff vocals, Howling Giant could be that unrivalled band’s apprentices in some ways, although I must confess that this description is still a bit misleading. Although Howling Giant are every bit as infectious as their spiritual masters, they also have a wider-reaching sound too.

This has seriously impressed me. Howling Giant are everything that’s good about stoner-influenced rock. Most music like this is hideously derivative, but not this; the music here is reminiscent of certain styles and bands of course, (what isn’t – hence my above comparison), but their sound is so beautifully wrought and expertly realised that they easily carve a position for themselves in the crowded rock landscape.

The songs are lush and rich, textured with keen musical nuances and a good deal of shaded delivery. This music is a first class example of a band playing a well-worn style without sounding well-worn themselves. How they achieve this is a mystery hidden within their riffs and surprisingly varied delivery. I will just have to keep listening to them until I get to the bottom of things…

If you only get one rock release this week/month/year, then make sure it’s this. Actually get two, and pick up Part 1 as well. Well worth it.

Essential for fuzzy rock fans everywhere.

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