Leng Tch’e – Razorgrind (Review)

Leng Tch'eLeng Tch’e are a Belgian grindcore band and this is their sixth album.

Razorgrind is aptly named; this is sharp, lethal grindcore that takes no prisoners and knows how to draw blood as easily as breathing.

Leng Tch’e play sleek, modern grindcore, with serrated brutality a core feature of the band’s ferocious sound. Combining speed and aggression with songwriting skill, Leng Tch’e know more than enough about their chosen style to vary their methods of attack across these searing, deadly songs.

A mix of grindcore, hardcore, and death metal influences mean that these tracks are catchier and more infectious than those of your average grind band. The groove and blast method may sound simplistic on paper, but in execution it’s downright addictive. Razorgrind is easy to keep listening to again and again and again.

As the album progresses there’s a trend for the songs, on average, to get longer, almost as if the band are becoming increasingly comfortable with drawing out the punishment they mete out. This is mainly where they start to throw in some additional influences, such as bits of sludge and punk, along with some choice cuts of melodic violence. These elements can be heard all over the album, of course, but the longer tracks allow them to be more noticeable, I suppose.

The singer seems to have quite a phenomenal range for an extreme metal vocalist. You name it, it’s probably here; growls, shouts, screams, spoken word, barks, semi-cleans, and all manner of other ways to bring the chaos.

So yes – as far as grindcore goes, this is relatively diverse. It certainly doesn’t get boring, and is definitely a memorable slab of viciousness. Leng Tch’e have produced a rather storming grind album that’s not afraid to experiment or expand on its core style, but does so without completely transforming into something other than intended – sharp, lethal, grinding mayhem.

Highly recommended.

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