Theurgia – Anti Perpetuo (Review)

TheurgiaTheurgia are a Venezuelan black metal band and this is their debut EP.

It’s always a pleasure to hear some raw, underground black metal when it’s played with passion and enthusiasm. On Anti Perpetuo, we get 25 minutes of this.

This is fast and aggressive nihilistic black metal, played in the second wave manner with plenty of frosted malice. The songs are relentless and unrepentant about the damage they cause just by existing.

The hyper-blasting drums and guitars conceal the fact that the band have got some decent blackened melodies going on under this furious assault.

The singer screams out his hate-fuelled diatribes with obvious relish and vibrant delivery. HIs performance is exactly what you would want from a black metal band like this. In fact, the same can be said of the rest of the band really.

The EP has a good sound, combining icy clarity with underground aesthetics, without going too far in either direction.

I very much enjoyed this. Theurgia have proven to be a very capable outfit. As this EP is a couple of years old now, I look forward to finding out how they have developed and progressed from this first release.

Highly recommended.


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