Kaihon – Terraform (Review)

KaihonKaihon are a modern metal band from the United Arab Emirates and this is their debut EP.

The music on this EP is bright, well-written, and takes elements of the modern djent, progressive, and technical metal scenes, into its embrace.

With a heavy aggression and the type of sparkling modern approach to heaviness that you increasingly hear these days from the US and UK in particular, this is the kind of release I would expect from Basick records, such are the quality levels and attention to detail. Kaihon’s music would fit in quite well there I feel.

As you’ve probably gathered by now, the musicianship displayed on this EP is above reproach, and features a couple of notable guests too. Everything is played and recorded to an exacting standard, and some of the guitar solos in particular are very satisfying, swirling like liquid gold around the tangled riffs.

For all of the technical playing on the release though, the band still know how to lock into a decent heavy groove and how to structure a decent song. Also, the singer’s aggressive vocals keep things tethered to the ground, preventing the band from disappearing too far into the stratosphere. There’s a core brutality to Kaihon’s sound that no amount of fancy playing can hide, and I like this quite a lot.

The singer’s performance is worthy of note for his superb delivery – not content with generic bellowing, he actually manages to inject personality and charisma into his voice while he gives vent to his rage. Clean vocals briefly appear on the final track too, opening up yet another avenue of musical exploration for the band; these are well-done without being overused.

Terraform is an impressive and enjoyable first release that should hopefully see Kaihon get some well-deserved wider recognition.

If your tastes run to this kind of thing, make sure you pick this up.


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