Theurgia – Transformation (Review)

TheurgiaTheurgia are a Venezuelan black metal band and this is their debut album.

This is the follow up to the band’s debut EP Anti Perpetuo, which was a very enjoyable slice of raw, underground black metal.

Theurgia specialise in second wave-influenced black metal, full of icy hatred and divine fury. It’s not without nuance or shading though, and the band seem to have learned a few new tricks since their debut EP, including an increased appreciation for atmosphere and tense, evil mood.

As well as the increased levels of atmospheric nastiness that have been incorporated into their sound, there’s an overall feeling of a transformed band, (as the album name might suggest). The frosted speed and aggression of their earlier work is still here, of course, but there’s more of a malevolent occult feeling to these new songs. Melody is still used, but the band have also ramped up the dissonance in places.

Theurgia seem more patient and considered, despite the frequent application of blast beats and intensity. The music seems to stalk like a predator, waiting for the right time to pounce and consume its prey.

Transformation is a good progression for Theurgia, and an enjoyable 40 minutes of black metal. Check this out.


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