Maou Mindu – Grind Against Humanity (Review)

Maou MinduMaou Mindu are a deathgrind band from Canada and this is their debut EP.

Gotta love deathgrind. Taking the direct, lethal assault of grindcore and combining it with the extra depth that death metal can allow, it frequently marries the two together in strong and sexy ways. In the case of Maou Mindu, the results are very sexy indeed.

The tracks on this short release boast just what the crazed doctor ordered; direct lethality with some deeper compositional structures that allow the band to develop a good riff or section without feeling the need to cut it off prematurely.

There’s also a very modern sheen to a lot of this. It’s clear that the band have some modern death metal/deathcore influences too, and this only enhances what they have to offer us.

Imagine Cannibal Corpse around the time of The Bleeding, add a serrated, brutal grindcore influence, (maybe something along the lines of Circle of Dead Children), and then coat everything in a modern delivery with elements of (old) Suicide Silence, (old) Job for a Cowboy, and the more brutal side of modern deathcore in general. Yep, Grind Against Humanity is sickeningly good.

With harsh shrieks and screams, deep growls, and all manner of barbaric noises, the vocals are quite diverse and engaging. Alongside some impressive playing from the musicians, everything Maou Mindu have to offer on this EP is impressive and extremely enjoyable.

The EP boasts a strong sound, with everything sounding crisp and punchy, allowing the songs to have the impact they need.

Well, after coming seemingly out of nowhere, Maou Mindu’s first release is better than many recent releases by bands that have been doing this a lot longer and are a lot better known.

Hideously impressive, and utterly recommended. Make this a priority listen.

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