Ius Talionis – Saligia (Review)

Ius TalionisThis is the debut album from German black metallers Ius Talionis.

Having showed huge promise on their previous demo Eleutheromania, Ius Talionis have now returned, with an adjusted lineup, for their strikingly-covered first full-length.

This is second wave black metal, honest and true. With a production that combines the best of underground aesthetics with clarity of delivery, Saligia’s sound is just as striking as the album’s artwork.

Containing seven songs, this is an album that contains no filler. Each track is impressive and enjoyable, crafted by people that know their art inside out. Ius Talionis adhere to the orthodox old-school side of black metal, but they do this so well that rather than it coming off as derivative or overly nostalgic, it just comes across as really top quality black metal.

The band make very good use of dark melodies, seemingly teasing them into existence out of the grim haze of the guitars with loving attention to detail. These sit alongside some well-composed riffs and blackened grooves, forming the bulk of the songs with great passion and care.

Both the faster sections and the singer’s near-liquid screams slice hotly through the airwaves like a knife through weak, frail flesh. The band sound sharp and on-form, totally dedicated to their material, while still injecting it with an enthusiastic energy.

Credit for all of this, of course, goes to the band’s songwriting skills, which seem to have developed at an advanced rate over the years. Yes, these are songs that flaunt their songwriting with blatant pride, providing the listener with substantive, memorable, and surprisingly catchy content form the very beginning of the album.

So, at the end of my review for their demo release, I stated that if Ius Talionis could keep the quality levels up then I was hoping for a great album from them in the future. Well, as far as I am concerned they have achieved both of these things.

For black metal fans that still love the old-school second wave sound, Saligia is the real deal.

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