Decrepit Throne – Traitor’s Grave (Review)

Decrepit ThroneDecrepit Throne are a US black metal band and this is their debut album.

This is an dark and melodic form of blackened hatred, spewed forth by fanatics with a love of the style and an appreciation of the simple charms of black metal’s directness.

For all its dark aggression though, this is a band that know how to use melody. Indeed, Decrepit Throne seem to thrive on it, using melody as an intrinsic part of their identity, striking with it where necessary, and bending it to their will at other times. This allows them to temper their more in-your-face qualities with elements of atmosphere and depth, using blackened melodies to achieve these aspects of their sound.

Influenced by bands like Dissection and Emperor, the songs on this album are played with obvious enthusiasm for the style by people that know what they’re doing. Largely mid- to faster-paced, the band never lose their sense of necrotic melody or blackened aesthetics as they tear through the playing time. I think I prefer them best when they settle into a grooving riff, rather than when the blast beats are utilised.

Grim, raw vocals are used throughout, spitting bile and vitriol like weapons to be feared. These are incorporated into their blackened barrage in virulent doses to keep their grim assault topped off at optimum levels.

Traitor’s Grave is an enjoyable example of second wave black metal played in the orthodox style. Check this out.


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