Aposento – Bleed to Death (Review)

AposentoAposento are a Spanish death metal band and this is their second album.

I thoroughly enjoyed Aposento’s debut album, but the Aposento of 2017 is a different beast. With a new singer and drummer, Aposento have altered course with their brand of brutality when compared to their self-titled first record.

They’re not wildly different now, of course, but the Avulsed/Deicide influences of their first album have taken a back seat, while the Cannibal Corpse ones have taken a more prominent role. In fact, think Cannibal Corpse influenced USDM, but with more of a Six Feet Under vibe than they used to have. This makes for songs that have a strong feeling of timeless death metal, combining blast beat carnage with rolling, groovy riffs.

The band’s singer definitely has a Chris Barnes quality to him, further cementing the Cannibal Corpse/Six Feet Under influences in my mind. Importantly, however, these never come across in an overly derivative way, and Aposento pay homage without sacrificing their own identity.

The music is well-constructed and has a very satisfying production; gritty and strong, the tracks belligerently batter and bruise the listener in all of the right ways. This is very good indeed.

Bleed to Death is a solid collection of death metal tracks. The songs are engaging enough to be instantly pleasing, and the band know their subject well.

Check this out.

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