Svartsyn – In Death (Review)

SvartsynSvartsyn is a cult one-man Swedish black metal band and this is his ninth album.

This is classic black metal, misanthropic and pure. If you’re looking for a hit of the good stuff, then In Death has almost 50 minutes of it.

Full of sinister, occult melodies and fervent grim hatred, these songs are second wave black metal exemplified in some of the best possible ways. Svartsyn channel and embody a certain black metal purity as few others do. Essentially, if you’re a fan of the classic black metal style it’s hard to dislike an album like this.

The album contains a furious intensity, regardless of what speed the songs are tearing along at. Whether delivering mid-paced groove or blasting blackened bile, the songwriting is authentic, enjoyable, and as memorable as fresh scars.

The songs are written with great skill and a keen understanding of the blackened style. Oozing with malevolent grace and macabre auras, the tracks on In Death work their dark magic by degrees; first the obvious, instant-gratification aspects of the songs hit you, and then as you delve more and more into In Death’s mysteries you discover more and more.

Initially when listening to this it was the sheer force of the faster sections that stuck with me the most, but actually the more atmospheric parts and the mid-paced riffs are equally as enjoyable. It’s hard to argue with the ferocity of the blast beats for high-impact effect though.

What can I say about the vocals? Surely they don’t originate from anyone or anything human? There’s a feral savagery to their delivery that speaks of underworld daemons unfettered and unhinged, rather than a guy in a studio screaming into a microphone. No matter how much it might make you feel better to think that it’s the latter, I have no doubt that it’s actually closer to the former.


In Death is black metal at its finest. You must listen to this.


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