Kin Beneath Chorus – Invia (Review)

Kin Beneath ChorusThis is the second album from Greek metal band Kin Beneath Chorus.

This is modern death metal with both metalcore and deathcore influences. Add to this a melodic delivery and atmospheric elements, and you have an album that succeeds in having a firm emotive base to its heart of aggression.

The band’s style is not strictly speaking death metal, even of a modern variety; they certainly have a modern melodic death metal core I’d say, but this is enriched with a lot of metalcore and even some djent aspects, showing a band that are relatively diverse in their influences. When the blast beats are raging though it’s hard to argue with their death metal intensity, as melodic as it is.

Heavy breakdowns and guttural vocals mix with uplifting singing and melodic hooks. The band’s formula is set for all to see early on in the album, but this is not necessarily any bad thing. After a couple of tracks you get a general feel for where their proclivities lie, but as a whole the album holds attention throughout, and has enough interesting and catchy parts to keep you listening.

I also like the band’s more atmospheric side, which means subtle keyboard enhancements as the rest of the band go about their usually brutally emotive performances.

There are a multitude of screams, shouts, growls, and a smattering of clean vocals throughout the album’s 41 minute length, making for a varied vocal delivery.

It’s not a perfect album by any means, and in some respects it still needs a bit more development in places, but overall I enjoyed this quite a bit. The band have enough bite to satisfy fans of instant aggression, and enough substance to have a deeper longevity and replayability than some of their peers.

Energetic, passionate, and with enough uplifting qualities to standout, I think this might become a firm favourite of mine down the gym.

Check this out.

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