Folie a Deux – Misanthropic Slaughter Cult (Review)

Folie a DeuxFolie a Deux are a black metal band from Sweden and this is their debut album.

This is underground and nasty. The band’s style is somewhere between black and death metal, taking elements of both and barking rough growling shouts over the top of everything.

The production is as raw and ugly as the music. It’s not unbalanced or badly recorded though, and it suits the nature of the band’s songs perfectly.

Moving between a heavy, riff-centric approach and a faster, more atmospherically-minded one, the tracks on Misanthropic Slaughter Cult achieve both with inhuman efficiency, backed up by the brutal vocals.

Inside the distorted barbarity lurk some very tasty and sometimes quite catchy riffs and melodies. The integration of black and death metal on this release is a seamless one, and for the most part it’s hard to differentiate between the two. The overall aesthetic is more black than death, of course, but the underground death metal influence is there, adding power to the band’s delivery.

I have really enjoyed this. With decent songwriting, plenty of dark atmosphere, and bucketloads of evil, Folie a Deux have produced an album that lives up to its name.

Highly recommended.

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