American Standards – Anti-Melody (Review)

American StandardsAmerican Standards are a US hardcore band and this is their second album.

Here’s a band we’ve met before, and they impressed when we did. The Death of Rhythm and Blues stood out with its aggressive, angular hardcore.

Well, now they’re back, showcasing their inventive and chaotic merging of hardcore and metal with eight new tracks.

American Standards take the imaginative and highly-individual style of bands like Every Time I Die, Norma Jean and Converge, and twist it just enough into their own version of what modern hardcore should sound like. They do this so well that they somehow manage to avoid sounding derivative, and instead just sound good. Very good.

If you’re a fan of atypical, angular hardcore with a firm sense of both aggression and catchiness, then you’ll find it very easy to get on board with what American Standards do.

With a plethora of different hooks and an appreciation of melody, this is nonetheless still a harsh and aggressive approach to music. Sure, there’s moments of levity and lightness, as well as melody and colour, but the majority of the material here is heavy and has a powerful bite.

The singer shouts and screams his way through the tracks with fire and passion. Occasional clean vocals appear here and there, as well as some gang vocals, but for the most part he bellows his heart out with great aplomb.

I’ve really, really enjoyed this. At under 25 minutes in length, this is like shot of adrenaline to the system. The songs are well-written, full of energy, good ideas, and chaotic inspiration. For anyone into modern, atypical hardcore which succeeds at being both aggressive and emotive, this is for you.


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