Ecstatic Vision – Raw Rock Fury (Review)

Ecstatic VisionThis is the second album by Ecstatic Vision, a US psychedelic rock band.

This is the follow up to 2015’s Sonic Praise. On Raw Rock Fury the band have taken what they did with their previous release and turned it up to 11.

Ecstatic Vision provide us with huge psychedelic jams to boogie to until our feet and hearts can’t take any more.

This is not an album for the casual music fan. This is hectic, passionate and chock full of…well…almost everything. The band almost sound like they’re fighting themselves in order to get the music out of their system. Saxophone, harmonica, other instruments and weird noises all join the fray, and contribute a huge amount to the end result as they do so.

The tracks are semi-confused blurs of tripped-out complexity and chaos, barely held together by the band as they do their best to channel the musical mayhem that they’ve unleashed on the world. After pressing play these freakadelic explorations take on an otherworldly hue soon enough. It’s involved, layered music that offers sensory overload as it worships at the altar of its 60s and 70s heroes.

Although it may not initially sound like it, this is all a very good thing, as it makes for music that sounds unrestrained, ruled by feeling and freedom rather than by rules and genres. Raw Rock Fury is exactly that.

My only complaint is that the album is broken up into eight tracks. The entire album is basically one long extreme jam, so I think I’d actually prefer it if they’d have just released it as such. This is, of course, a minor thing, but I mention it as I think it’s definitely something they should consider for the future.

Heady and exhausting, in all of the right ways. Experience this.

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