American Standards – Anti-Melody (Review)

American StandardsAmerican Standards are a US hardcore band and this is their second album.

Here’s a band we’ve met before, and they impressed when we did. The Death of Rhythm and Blues stood out with its aggressive, angular hardcore. Continue reading “American Standards – Anti-Melody (Review)”

American Standards – The Death Of Rhythm And Blues (Review)

American StandardsAmerican Standards come from the US and play a fierce brand of inventive Hardcore.

This is a fresh take on the genre with a sound that actually recalls some of Raging Speedhorn’s later work. This is angular, aggressive and in your face.

The energy of these songs cannot be denied and these 5 tracks are a perfect example of heavy music that is modern and relevant, without losing integrity or worth.

Managing to take the best parts of chaos and restraint, they take the Drowningman blueprint and ramp up the aggression until they have torn it to shreds. I can also hear shades of the magnificent Norma Jean in the playful way they effortlessly produce enviable, inspired songs.

At only a brief 14 minutes this EP is a shockingly good listen and should appeal to anyone who likes non-standard, innovative modern Metal. Apparently they have released an album prior to this EP, so it’s time for me to go and hunt that down now…