Vomit Remnants – Hyper Groove Brutality (Review)

Vomit RemnantsThis is the second album from Japanese brutal death metallers Vomit Remnants.

Okay. The band is called Vomit Remnants. The album is called Hyper Groove Brutality. How in the Hell could I not listen to this immediately?

Although this is only the band’s second album, it’s appearing a whopping 18 years after their debut and 12 years after their last release. Phew. Was it worth the wait? You betcha.

There’s a relentlessly savage 35 minutes of music on this album. It’s ultra-brutal slamming death metal played with surgical precision and no small amount of blood.

In many ways this album does exactly what it says on the tin. Hyper Groove Brutality contains just that; it’s brutality delivered by ferocious speed and huge, crushing grooves. When listening to this kind of thing, what more could you want?

Oh, so you wouldn’t mind some guitar solos and leads to add a bit of colour? Okay, done. What’s that? You’d like to be able to hear a bit of bass within the sick distortion. Yes, I think we can stretch to that. What now? You want some violent growls that sound like they’re trying to get in your head so that they can poke your eyes out from the inside? Hell yeah, you can have some of those.

Although certainly not a perfect album, it is a very good one. If you like slamming death metal with a brutal, Dying Fetus-styled edge to it then Hyper Groove Brutality is sure to sate your bloodlust.

Plus, it’s called Hyper Groove Brutality. If this isn’t the album title of the year so far, I don’t know what is.

Recommended for all fans of brutal, mindless carnage.

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