Gridfailure – Hostile Alchemy (Review)

GridfailureThis is the latest release by Gridfailure, a one-man experimental/noise project.

Gridfailure returns, and is proving to still be quite the prolific project.

I’ve gushed heavily over Gridfailure’s releases before, (here, here and here). This review will be no different, really, just so you know. There’s just something about Gridfailure I really dig.

Suffice to say that although I’m not a huge fan of the noise/experimental/drone/ambient/whatever style, Gridfailure is a noticeable exception to this.

So, the man behind the curtain is back, and this time¬†he’s not alone, as on Hostile Alchemy he’s aided and abetted by an army of guests.

There’s 9 tracks on this release, all of which build atmospheric tension through the applied science of harrowing nightmarescapes and dark, malignant sounds.

I like that Gridfailure’s compositions are getting more complex and layered as time goes on, as well as incorporating more slow-twisting changes, inhuman vocalisations, and smothered percussion.

Some of the material on here is like listening to the calming sounds of a murder factory, while other parts are more like a mechanised cyber-choir. Other bits sound like classical music straining under industrialised torture, while others sound like a dance club if it was warped, corrupted and everyone was dead.

Yes, there’s a lot of good stuff to be had on here, especially when you consider this is essentially someone’s inner daemons given voice.

Best release yet? Hard to say, but I think that Mannequins is probably my favourite Gridfailure track so far. Maybe. With so much quality on offer I can’t be certain – I still don’t think I’ve fully recovered from listening to Further Layers of Societal Collapse yet.

At any rate, this is another exemplary release from a first-rate act. Listen up.

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