Coldfells – Coldfells (Review)

ColdfellsColdfells are a blackened doom band from the US. This is their debut album.

This is a blackened doom release that really does blur the line between the two styles. Is this doom metal with a distinctly blackened feel to it, or is this black metal with a doom metal veneer? Possibly more the latter than the former, but either way, the band excel at merging the two at an instinctual level. Coldfells provide music that’s frozen and bleak, but has an epic streak to it when it wants to. There’s even some death and classic metal strew about here and there.

Grim vocals are joined by very epic sounding cleans. Both are performed well, having a distinct character and feel of their own.

Resplendent melodies are used to add colour to the otherwise sparse distortion. Subtle keyboards/synths can be heard here and there, making a strong contribution to the music as a whole. Some sections of the songs are more clearly black or doom metal than others, whereas at other times the two really are indistinguishable. Due to the two styles that are used for inspiration we get a mix of speeds and moods, and the songs paint vivid imagery as they unfold and develop.

The music resonates with dark emotions and the band have obviously poured their hearts into this album. These negatively charged feelings abound, filled with woe and despair. These are taken by the band and used as fuel for the slow burning music. The songs paint cold pictures of frozen forests and dying, depleted landscapes.

In some ways there’s very little hope in the world of Coldfells, it seems, although in other ways certain shades of light can be heard in the music still. This is especially apparent when the clean vocals are holding sway, or when a particularly uplifting lead or solo rings out clear and true. Death, rebirth and renewal are common themes in nature, so maybe there is some hope here after all, waiting to be reborn through the brighter aspects of the band’s music.

Enter the world of Coldfells if you dare. It’s cold and deadly, but not quite as barren or lifeless as you might first think.

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