Condemned – His Divine Shadow (Review)

CondemnedCondemned are a US death metal band and this is their third album.

If you’re looking for a short, condensed blast of brutal death metal with some horrific sci-fi themes, then Condemned have got you covered.

This is music to slam, rip, tear and claw your way through the mosh pit to. Taking a base of Suffocation/Disgorge, Condemned offer up death metal that’s pleasingly rough around the edges and authentically brutal.

His Divine Shadow feels like a well-worn album even before you’ve finished listening to it for the first time. I don’t mean this in any derogatory way either. The production is warm and fleshy, with a sickening welcoming feeling that makes you feel instantly at home with the band’s carnage. The drums in particular sound very satisfying, with an organic pounding that’s as relentless as it is effective.

The guitars are heavy and well-judged. Punishing grooves and crushing riffs are peeled off with the ease of people that know the style inside out, and they’re stitched together effectively into songs that hit the sweet spot nicely.

The band have a good singer who knows how to get the best from his throaty growls. I instantly found myself taking to his voice as it went about its bloody work.

The entire package comes together very well. The aggressive growling, solid drumming and riff-heavy guitars all combine to produce enjoyable death metal songs. Condemned have much more of a classic sound and vibe about them than a lot of their more modern, well-polished peers. I find this works very well in their favour, especially as His Divine Shadow still sounds absolutely massive and crushing.

I thoroughly enjoyed this album. Check it out.

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