Mordbrand – Wilt (Review)

MordbrandMordbrand are a Swedish death metal band and this is their second album.

A firmly enjoyable display of Swedish death metal, Mordbrand’s debut album Imago played to my soft spot for the style, with the chainsaw riffs and macabre melodies really doing it for me. Imago was also an album that looked to the future as much as the past, and, three years later, the band’s second full-length continues this journey.

There’s a powerful sense of gritty authenticity to this music. The recording is strong and allows the band the luxury of sounding both of the Swedish death metal sub-genre, without actually being constrained by it. As I said of their previous album; Mordbrand seem to be actually moving the style forward in some ways rather than just repeating old glories. They do this mainly by playing an unrestrained version of death metal, one that takes what’s good and true about the Swedish style and adds to it other classic death metal influences that flesh out their sound to what we hear on Wilt.

Taking the base style of Swedish death metal and expanding on it, Wilt is a pure death metal delight. With thick, chunky songs that almost seem tangible enough to sink your claws into, the album stomps by with a belligerent attitude and a confidence that it’s the meanest, sickest predator in the neighbourhood.

The band have a firm grasp of what makes good death metal. They use speed, groove and melody well across the tracks, always using these tools to their advantage, writing songs that are, first and foremost, actual songs rather than just collections of riffs.

It’s also a surprisingly varied album too, within the type of music that it actually is. The band have taken the time to construct a working flow and demonstrate a good use of dynamics across both the songs and the album as a whole. The entire thing just works as a death metal album should do. There’s no filler, and every song has its role to play in crushing your soul, whether this consists of brutal blast beats, ripping groovy riffs, or slow, atmospheric moods.

Wilt is a very strong death metal album. With quality songs, a firm personality and plenty of menacing presence, Mordbrand have returned and sound more ferocious than ever.

One to check out for definite.

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