Darsombra – Polyvision (Review)

DarsombraDarsombra are a psychedelic drone band from the US.

Here we have some spaced out, cosmic-spanning psychedelic doom rock drone…quite a mouthful really, but one well-worth getting your chops around as Polyvision is a substantial cocktail of heady proportions.

Enriched with added instruments, noises, sounds and synths, these two epic-length tracks seek to expand the mind, explore new frontiers and take the listener on a journey into the furthest realms of consciousness.

Rich and textured, the album is evocative and compelling. The music organically grows and matures under the guidance of its creators, spreading and unfolding with geological intensity to give us 44 minutes of music that feels like a lifetime. This is an album that’s all about experience and providing the listener with something transcendent, able to transport them away from the everyday mundane.

The tracks build and flow with the inevitability of glaciers moving ever onward. Experimental and progressive in the best of ways, the music is a convergence of multiple styles and influences, all given shape and form in two monolithic extra-galactic formations that are the very antithesis of the majority of conventional music that we’re bombarded with from the mainstream.

Darsombra have produced a drone album of real music with real feeling and real depth. They should be applauded, followed and much listened to.

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