Obscure Devotion – Ubi Certa Pax Est (Review)

Obscure DevotionThis is the third album from Italian black metal band Obscure Devotion.

Obscure Devotion play sophisticated occult black metal with a mature, yet still fiery approach to extreme music.

Some minor death metal influences contribute to the blazing demeanour of the music, reinforcing the streamlined blackened assault with a firm backbone. Sharp, blackened melodies are used sparingly alongside the dark distorted rhythm guitars, allowing the main bulk of the band’s attack to carry you away into the swirling void that they create.

As well as the blasting hatred that you would expect to be part of a black metal release of this nature, the band explore wider horizons too. Calmer, reflective moments are added into the mix here and there, along with an intricacy and subtlety of delivery in some of the riffs that’s a bit more uncommon.

The songs are well-written, showing the band’s love of metal and the moods and feelings that it can be used to convey when filtered through a blackened lens.

Ubi Certa Pax Est certainly has an aggressive core, but one that’s also enhanced by richer elements, demonstrating the band’s appreciation and understanding of texture and nuance.

With a forceful and well-rounded production, this is a release that will surely appeal to fans of Watain, The Great Old Ones, Enslaved, Ondskapt, Marduk and others.

Ubi Certa Pax Est is an enjoyable black metal release that’s filled with dark paeans and stimulating, razor-sharp music.

A recommended listen.

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