Reaping Asmodeia – Impuritize (Review)

Reaping AsmodeiaThis is the second album from Reaping Asmodeia, a technical death metal band from the US.

I find it so easy to like this kind of thing. It’s hyper-modern, with withering technicality, hard-as-nails brutality and enough progressive depth to keep things interesting…Reaping Asmodeia have delivered a monster of an album.

Reaping Asmodeia play technical and progressive death metal that salvages the best bits form the rotting corpse of deathcore and fuses them into the band’s own modern take on all things extreme.

Each track has the feel of being its own master, in charge of its own fate. Collected together this gives Impuritize a strong character of its own. Within the style that they play there’s plenty of variety and Reaping Asmodeia sound vibrant and energetic, where so many of their peers sound dull and generic.

Fiery blast beats, heavy grooves and dizzying technicality are all thrown around with ease. I love a good solo, and there’s a lot of them to enjoy on Impuritize.

The singer is equally talented, with a multitude of different growls and screams being deployed across the album. Like the music, he has his own character and the brutal guttural growls and sharp-edged screams don’t let the side down at all.

This is intelligently written, precision carnage. The band’s obvious musical skills are honed and directed into songs that have a lot of replay value and Impuritize is definitely the kind of satisfying death metal feast that you want to visit again and again.

Highly recommended.

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