Ulvesang – Ulvesang (Review)

UlvesangUlvesang are a Canadian neofolk band and this is their debut album.

This album is a folk release that specialises in creating beautiful soundscapes for the listener to dreamily explore.

Ulvesang approach this style coming from a black metal viewpoint, although the final product is lacking in any actual black metal. Ulvesang is the band’s collective take on neofolk and folk music, as filtered through their blackened backgrounds, (one member is in Astral Path). The songs take these influences and transport them into an environment where nature is worshipped and used as a muse.

This is music to relax and escape to. The music creates vivid imagery in which it’s easily possible to lose yourself completely; becoming utterly engaged in the musical narrative is a perfectly natural response when listening to Ulvesang.

The tracks on this release are very well-written, impressing with their master-crafted ability to be both simple and intricate at the same time, while still having an emotional core that’s absent from a lot of music.

Although, in many ways, this is the perfect ‘background music’, it’s also much more than that. The songs are strong enough to stand up to close scrutiny, as well as when you just want to have it on and let it take you out of yourself for 45 minutes or so.

Music that’s acoustic, atmospheric and soothing is frequently also quite dull and lackadaisical in my opinion, but this cannot be said of Ulvesang. This is a release that manages to be effortlessly captivating in just the right way.


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