Omnizide – Nekroregime (Review)

OmnizideThis is the second album from Swedish black metallers Omnizide.

As the follow up to 2014’s very pleasing debut album Death Metal Holocaust, Nekroregime continues the band’s blackened assault on the senses, added to and infected by some good old-fashioned death metal influences here and there.

Grim, black screams are the main mode of vocal assault, with the singer’s voice sounding quite blood-curdling and daemonic. His performance is perfect for this kind of release.

The music is predominantly ferocious black metal that reeks of the underground and uses some added old-school death metal muscle to really drive the songs home. Fast and vicious, the tracks on this release burn, rip and flay their victims raw, with no respect for anyone or anything save their own base urges.

I’m genuinely unsure of whether I prefer it when the band play blisteringly fast or when they settle down into a malevolent blackened groove. With most bands like this I can usually say which of the two is generally done better on an album, but with Omnizide they do both so very well that’s a real tough call.

The production sounds old and cantankerous, adding a belligerent air to the music as it slices and slashes at you through its maelstrom of black riffs and evil intentions.

Full of molten blackened melodies and dark riffs, this is 43 minutes of aggressive black metal. It’s a really good listen and one that I have really enjoyed listening to. I very much liked their debut album, but Nekroregime kicks up the black metal quality a notch and is generally a superior release.

Highly recommended.

For fans of Marduk, Darkthrone, Naglfar and Watain.

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