Void of Vision – Children of the Chrome (Review)

Void of VisionVoid of Vision are an Australian metalcore band and this is their debut album.

Void of Vision play modern metalcore with an edge of djent here and there. It’s clearly pissed off and has a message to send, one tied to a well-placed brick.

The songs are full of energy and rage, controlled by the band and crafted into fat riffs, huge breakdowns and plenty of attitude.

Although the heaviness of a band like this is pretty much a given for the style, I like that they infuse their music with dark melodies to increase the impact of the songs. Frequently employed during choruses, this aspect of their music tends to lift some of the more generic elements of their sound, allowing, overall, Children of the Chrome to have a very favourable impact.

The singer is not a happy bunny and has a shouting voice that’s reminiscent of the harsh vocals of the singer of Atreyu in some ways. When combined with the general heaviness of the delivery and the negatively-charged melodies, it works especially well. Occasional clean vocals are used, but not overly so; once again, combined with the darkly emotive core of the band’s music they do their job nicely.

Due to the above, Children of the Chrome is also a bit of a grower. On first listen it’s an enjoyable romp through the angry heaviness of the band, but it’s as you listen to it more and more that the melodies and hooks drill down into your brain, infecting you. In this way it’s much like They Bleed Red by Devil You Know, which for me started off being an enjoyable listen, but nothing special; I soon found myself returning to it again and again though, and many, many spins later I think it’s a cracking record. Void of Vision are similar in this regard.

Another plus-point in the win column for this album is its relative brevity – with 11 songs in 31 minutes the band don’t mess around with pointless filler. They get in, cause mayhem and get out again, leaving scarred melodies and shining hooks that let you know you should probably expect a return visit from them again in the near future.

I’m sure this is destined to be dismissed by some as trite and overly-familiar. Although I can understand this viewpoint on a superficial level, Void of Vision actually have much more going on here than a lot that play a similar style. I like that they don’t rely on done-to-death melodeath riffs, for example, and there’s a bit more substance to a lot of the guitar parts than those of a lot of their peers. Their breakdowns are usually a little bit more inventive than the norm too.

Although not perfect, it’s better than a lot of other modern metalcore releases. Confident, aggressive and with a surprising amount of depth and longevity to the songs, Children of Chrome has impressed.

Highly recommended for fans of modern metal that like songs that know how to rage.

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