Teksti-TV 666 – 1, 2, 3 (Review)

Teksti-TV 666Teksti-TV 666 are an alternative rock band from Finland. This is a compilation album of sorts, consisting of three EPs that the band have previously released.

This is an interesting and irregular release. It’s kind of a mix of bubblegum-pop with an almost-60s vibe, aided and abetted by a helping of energetic proto-punk,  a sprinkling of progressive rock and a liberal coating of shoegaze, all alongside garage rock, indie and noise rock influences. It’s an unusual and individual combination that sees the band unleashing 74 minutes of their particular brand of music on the world.

Oh, did I mention they have 5 guitarists? Well, they do, apparently. This results in a very layered and textured approach to the music, and when consumed in one long sitting, gives the impression of a strange, surreal, psychotropic experience of musical exploration amidst fever-dream colours.

The length of the songs allows the band to experiment and play around with their sound, which they do with reckless abandon and much to the delight of the listener. The tracks are surprisingly catchy and the band are adept at producing the kind of music that creeps into your brain, urging you to return to it again and again. Although I certainly enjoyed this the first time around, it’s definitely a grower, with the melodies and music becoming increasingly infectious with every listen.

The vocals are surprisingly low in the mix. They’re not buried in it, but rather seem to merge with the music to almost be used as just another instrument, just another layer of melody and interest in the band’s sonic arsenal.

As I say; a very interesting and irregular release, especially for someone who usually listens to all things metal. This is still in the ballpark of that kind of thing though, and, like metal in general, 1, 2, 3 certainly values its individuality and freedom of expression.

As a collection of EPs this is a ridiculously strong release that essentially doubles as the band’s debut album in many ways. What will their actual debut album sound like? Well, considering that as you move through the tracks on this release the music gets stronger and stronger with their most recent material, I have very high expectations and hopes for their future output.

Looking for something a little different that’s incredibly addictive? Look no further. Check out Teksti-TV 666.

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