Seventh Station – Between Life and Dreams (Review)

Seventh StationThis is the debut album from international progressive metal band Seventh Station.

The band clearly know what they’re doing with their instruments, and the high level of quality playing on this album is evident from the very start.

I love music that feels like it’s taking you on a journey, and this is very definitely one such album. Through a blistering display of virtuoso playing, the band navigate all manner of musical soundscapes in an attempt to get across their artistic vision.

For me, for a band like this, it’s always the singer that is potentially a contentious point – have the band managed to get a singer that does the music justice? Put simply – yes. Their vocalist has an impressive set of pipes that sees him demonstrating great range and ability across these songs. He also has an interesting character to his voice that may see him not appealing to all tastes, (which, I suppose, could be said of any singer, really).

The songs are varied and nuanced, full of interesting ideas and musical flourishes. Complex and technical, the band nonetheless know how to craft enjoyable songs that are involved and definitely qualify as progressive.

This is a combination of old and new influences, including those from musicians that are classically trained. This results in music that has a lot going on, with so many different styles involved that it would be pointless to try and list them all.

A very enjoyable album. Highly recommended for any progressive metal fans.


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