Iron Fire – Among the Dead (Review)

Iron FireThis is Iron Fire’s eighth album. They are a power/heavy metal band from Denmark.

If 90s heavy/power metal is your thing, then you need to check out Among the Dead right away. Also – zombie-themed metal? Sign me up!

Iron Fire deal in song-oriented tunes that revel in catchy melodies with substantial guitars. I like that they’re heavier and grittier than a lot of this sort of thing, frequently emphasising their heavy metal side as well as their power metal one.

The singer’s voice is perfectly capable of everything that is asked of it. There are even some harsher screams, shouts and growls included in the songs here and there, in addition to the main clean style.

There are some very tasty guitar solos on this release, and the playing of all instruments overall is very enjoyable and proficient. With a professional recording, Iron Fire have an overall strong package.

Among the Dead is chock full of rousing metal anthems and dire zombie-warnings. Oh, and a power-ballad and a Metallica cover too. Yes, there’s a lot of good stuff on Among the Dead.


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