Neurogenic – Ouroboric Stagnation (Review)

NeurogenicThis is the debut album from international death metallers Neurogenic.

Featuring members of Indecent Excision, Derogation, Fleshbomb and Six Feet Under, as well as guests from members of Gutrot, Churchburn, Abnormality, Six Feet Under and Malignancy, you know that this is going to be a professional and capable release before you even listen to it.

When you do, you’re confronted with brutal death metal of the ugliest, basest variety. Brutal chug’n’squeal riffs, light-speed guitars, relentless drumming and insanely guttural vocals are only some of the nasty attributes that Neurogenic have.

The songs are short and ugly, never deviating from their mission statement of utter brutality and demolition. The band are equally at home blasting out complete speed-drenched barbarity as they are slowly crushing the life from you with devastatingly heavy riffs.

The calibre of musicians on this release guarantees a professional delivery, but not one that sounds overly polished or stale. You can still smell the not-quite-dry blood on Oroboric Stagnation, and the songs are full of the stench of carnage.

Oh, there’s some tasty bass, too.

There’s little nuance or subtlety to an album like this, but that doesn’t matter as that’s not what fans of the style are looking for. This is all about the brutality of underground death metal, and Neurogenic do this very well.

If you can handle this kind of laid-bare brutality and relentless hostility, then have a listen to Neurogenic and get ready to wreck everything around you.

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