King – Reclaim the Darkness (Review)

KingThis is Australian band King’s debut album. They play black metal.

King is a straightforward, powerfully simple name that is quite refreshing after the increasing complexity of so many new black metal band’s names. Even the logo on the album cover is simple and strong, with no overly complex logo with semi-artistic aspirations.

In some ways the music follows this aesthetic, but only so far. It too is not overly complex, but nor is it completely simplistic either. King’s Black Metal combines the traditional with the modern, making for music that’s recognisably black metal of the original style, but with a keen melodic edge and trappings of other, non-black metal genres.

The melodies and riffs on Reclaim the Darkness are quite infectious, and the band know how to effectively use both rhythm and lead guitars. Aspects of their delivery could be considered melodic death metal, only wrapped in blackened shrouds. If you think of what a black metal version of Amon Amarth might sound like, you wouldn’t be a million miles away in some respects.

The singer’s traditional rasps have other vocalisations mixed in with them here and there, once again blurring the lines between traditional and not, but mainly carrying the torch for black metal.

These songs are catchy and enjoyable. Check out Reclaim the Darkness and help the band do exactly that.

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