Unmerciful – Ravenous Impulse (Review)

UnmercifulUnmerciful are a brutal death metal band from the US and this is their second album.

Here we have a combination of relentlessly savage death metal mixed in with some USDM influences, giving the band some groove to go along with the pounding blast beats. I hear elements of Cannibal CorpseSuffocation, Morbid Angel and Hate Eternal in their sound – all upgraded with a thoroughly modern delivery and precision of assault.

However, it’s the speed that is the real thing here. Unmerciful like to play fast, that’s for sure. The drumming is hugely impressive and sounds quite inhuman. The guitars try to keep up as best they can, but sometimes have to peel off to explore other avenues, as the band’s possessed drummer tears through about 10 drum kits for each song, so intense is his attack.

The band have somewhat of a warmer, rounder sound than a lot of the more modern acts have, once again showing the fact that they balance their music between the older styles and the newer. It’s a really satisfying listen, especially as it’s performed by a band that are clearly at the top of their game.

The obvious aggression that is radiated by these songs is enough for me to recommend this album, but there’s more than just that here. Unmerciful have been in the game long enough to know that this will only get you so far. So, in addition to all of the obvious assets that the band immediately knock you over with, they have also been developing over the years a keen sense of death metal songmanship, culminating in tracks that are catchier and more memorable than they probably have any right to be.

Sometimes I can’t get enough of blasting, brutal death metal, and Ravenous Impulse has really hit the spot for me. Brutal death metal that properly hangs around in your head long after the dust has settled is always to be savoured.

Unmercifully essential.

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