Wired Anxiety – The Delerium of Negation (Review)

Wired AnxietyThis is the second EP from Wired Anxiety, an Indian death metal band.

Don’t be fooled by the rather thrash metal-esque cover; this is brutal death metal of the most devastating variety.

With crushing rhythms, martial double bass and relentless blast beats, Wired Anxiety hammer their colours to the mast and fly the flag for brutality in no uncertain terms.

There’s a lot of good riffs on here, as well as some very tasty solos. The band may be brutal, but that’s no excuse for not knowing how to write a good death metal song.

Speaking of; with a good ear for what makes a memorable song regardless of how hard they are currently smashing in your kneecaps, the band clearly know a thing or two about death metal and set about demonstrating this with great aplomb over these 17 minutes.

Bestial vocals snarl and gnash their way through the tracks, with the singer sounding quite daemonic at some points.

This is a very strong first release, one that nicely sets up the band for their future endeavours. Featuring influences from multiple eras of death metal, Wired Anxiety distil it all down into a brutal and enjoyable EP that’s more than enough to satisfy.

Well-written death metal just got a new standard bearer. Highly recommended.

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