Apoptosis – Monument of Ignorance (Review)

ApoptosisApoptosis are a grindcore band from Hungary. This is their debut release.

So what do we have here then? 12 songs in 10 minutes? Alrighty. Frantic grindcore assault? Sure. Blistering punk attitude. Yeah. Spiky thrash sharpness. Okay.


The singer screams over the top of everything, sounding depraved, unhinged and dangerous. His is a style that combines grind, punk and thrash, which is an impressive feat for someone that’s essentially screaming himself to a rabid croak.

The band as a whole manage to fuse their three-pronged influences together into a cohesive whole, delivering them kicking and thrashing in a very short space of time. The songs blast and rage while still having elements of thrash energy and punk force amidst the grinding chaos they create.

The short songs do exactly what you’d expect them to, given the description and influences of the band. They get in, make their mark and get out quickly. It’s an endearing blend of extremity that Apoptosis play, one which is catchier and more memorable than you might expect.

At only 10 minutes in length you can’t really go wrong with this release. Check it out.

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